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Are you an illustrator? Do you like comics and illustration?

Wellcome to the Art Playground Magazine!

The Art Playground is a free on-line magazine about illustration (and illustrators). Another one, yes. But I think sometimes you just need more and more of what you like. And I like art so much, so... Why not? We can do it!

I want to make a magazine about what I love: the art I like, the pieces I like, the art I like. I want talk about it, I want show it. I want to learn. And have a lot of great moments.
Thats why I’m doing this. I do this for free. I do it in my free time, at home, in my Pc. I have not profit from this. There is no ads. There is no money. It’s just the art I like.

In this E-zine I will show you (I’ll try at least) how Art Playground works. In resume, it’s a free E-Zine you can find in this blog site: www.theartplayground.blogspot.com
It will be a new issue each three months, and you’ll able to download it in .pdf format or in flip page format by “Spotbit” free software. Into the page you’ll find pieces from great illustrators and texts and interviews (in English and Spanish, and soon, in French too) with them, even a little workshop, from a few or the greatest artist of the moment.
Well, It’s all in the presentation, so I don’t talk more about it.

Well, so this E-Zine is about illustration. That’s why I need illustrators.
I need you.

In Artplayground I’d like show the work of that professionals I really admire. If you are reading this, it means “YOU”. I’d like talk about your art, your work. How you do it. Who you do it. So, I need your help: I need pieces of your work (the biggest size possible to make it fit awesome in the magazine) and I’d like to have a little
interview with you (by E-mail) about your magic.

How can you help? Please, answer this mail and tell me what do you think. Let´s talk.Gimme some feedback, please. I will be fun and easy.

I want to finish this introduction standing out that the artwork showed will be allways acredited and I’ll protect allways de properties lawyers from all the images. I repeat there is no economic benefit for me. The magazine is free. I do alone and free. I don´t shell anything, it’s all about share your art work. It’s all about illustration.

Thank you for reading this. I really hope you liked it and you want to participe.
Do you want to play?

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